Thursday, October 12, 2006


Long time no see old blog friend. I suddenly have a new zest for life.
The sun and moon and stars are in alignment.

Ok… finally I am gonna start posting regularly. I PROMISE! I was in a big time funk for quite a while. Came out of the funk and started organizing my life again. So I decided to re-start my blog. It will not be just a blog about poker, but about my life and thoughts. Beware at times it might be a little deep.

To Start things off I am making what I call my EARLY New Years Resolution list. And here it is.

KT'S Early Resolution List

1. Post regularly on the blog. At least 3 times a week

2. Keep a list of at least 3 blog items at a time
*Diet, Exercise and Poker
*The 3 year work funk and how krazydust has changed my life
*Learning out why I am such a Control Freak

3. Back to online Weight Watchers.

4. Back to the gym. No workout no poker that day.

5. Start a poker challenge for my self either SNG or Limit.

6. Read all the poker books I bought.

7. Finish my HOH cript notes. (Yes,I am summarizing the books)8.Start and finish various projects at work.

Ok, enough for today. Be back soon.