Monday, July 10, 2006

Wow its been a long time since my last post. Time flies.

I got involved in the Mega Mafia Game. I was actually murdered early in the game, but Tanya had to leave. So I was resurrected as KrazyTanya.
Of course I lost the game for my team. It was really close and down to the wire and I mucked it. So sorry guys!!

After the Mafia game we took a family vacation to Moody Gardens in Galveston. It was ok, not wonderful. It rained and the mosquitoes were very large and hungry! The beach in Galveston is very very dirty, but at Moody Gardens they have a rainforest, aquarium and IMAX theatre. #3 son, the 16 year old, was bored and drove us crazy. We came home early.

Sunday was the ITH People's Championship. Since I had tons of dirty laundry and it was the last day before my grandkids moved...I only played a few hands. Congrats to Prim!!

Today is my last day of vacation. The grandkids left early this morning for the fabulous town of Witcha Falls, TX. I was gonna go to the office and catch up on paperwork, but I will be a bum instead. Have to say I am a little depressed, but have already planned my first trip to see them. It is really hearbreaking for me, but I know I have to let my kids grow up.
There is some saying...can't remember exactly..about giving your kids roots to grow and wings to fly. But it really SUCKS!!

Anyway no fabulous poker stories...nothing exciting to report.