Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Mystical Power of the KRAZYDUST

Krazydust has probably been around for centuries…created by the old Chinese apothecaries. Over the years…it has been enhanced and transformed.

Mystically one day it appeared on IRC…

I was fairly new to IRC and lurked for awhile before I took the plunge of becoming a REGULAR. One day Tall Paul…noticed that when I was around he seemed to win more. I became his lucky charm. I would visit his tables…spreading the luck.. .which was transformed to luckydust… and ultimately ending up as KRAZYDUST.

Tall Paul tells me that it helped him go from 790 chips in the Stars Million to ITM and finishing 55th.

Once the others noticed the trend, the lust for dust began. I think it was next given to Woodyman while playing in an ITH tourney…Monday Madness if I recall. Of course with the added power of the dust and his keen poking playing skills he won.

Now some of you want to know exactly what it is and how it works. Hmm…it is magical…like 53os..but much more potent. I am not sure exactly how it works but it does.

It has been used by many successfully, but you have to use it CORRECTLY. First of all BELIEVING in its magical powers is most important. Then you have to take the POWER and run with it.

It has helped toronexi...too. A little quote: “I think krazydust allowed me to make that comeback in that $10 turney from 19k (blinds 10k/20k) to 1st”

It was used by elmo to win a seat in the WSOP.. as seen here:
I am now endorsing krazydust.

BUT by far the most fantastic KRAZYDUST story is when Ciaran won a WSOP ME using FPP.
I am still in AWE…over that accomplishment.

In case you doubt the POWER of the Krazydust…just wait until Ciaran wins the ME. He has just graciously given me a $50 stake in the tourney!!
Thank you to my new best friend.

As I was placing the finishing touches on this post...the power of the dust struck again. I was chatting on IRC with bb88. He was trying to figure out where to play and was looking at O8, but was unsure. I told him that sometimes you have to follow wild hairs. Anyway...long story short…OF COURSE...he WON first place.

Some of you may still doubt its powers…or do you BELIEVE??


PS: If you are not a member of the ITH forum than this whole article will make no sense. So you must join ITH to fully comprehend the mystical magical Krazydust.


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