Friday, June 09, 2006


This could be a very long story, but I will cut to the chase.

My father died several years ago and it was not expected. We had to quickly get funeral plans together. When we were picking out the music my oldest son suggested that his wife be asked to sing at the funeral. I said OK and we went to pick out some music. I really didn’t know if she could sing well, but I thought it was awesome to have a family member perform.

We went to the Christian music store picked a few songs and then to the mall for her to practice and tape the music. (They have a mini-recording studio in the mall). They put the music on and….my jaw dropped…I almost hit the floor. Not only could she sing…but her voice was AMAZING!!

Anyway we have gone back to the mall several times and each time they pipe the music throughout the entire mall. A crowd always gathers, looking to see who the star is.

Last summer Elisha (DIL) competed in Christian Artist Talent Search. Many of you know about this because I have posted a little about it on ITH. They recorded the entire season in one week.

First Round: Breathe on Me
Second Round: The Awakening

She lost in the second round to group called HOPE.
The whole experience was so much fun…and very exciting.

On a side note: After the funeral I gave the taped recordings to a friend, who had a friend etc. Anyway the Grammy Award Winning song writer for Asleep at the Wheel, got a copy and contacted us. It seems he had “nothing to do” and it would be “fun” for him to make her a star. But, she was really young…and had 2 small children…and was a little overwhelmed at the she turned down the offer. That was a real BUMMER!!

But, now she is older and ready…so this maybe the beginning of the story!!

So if you have a friend that knows a friend…CONTACT ME!!


How quickly the Krazydust VERY BEST Friend Tater who does the
  • The Cap and Tater Show
  • is going to play Elisha's Music Tonight during a commercial break.

    Thank you Tater !!


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