Saturday, June 03, 2006


Wow this blog has done wonders for my game...

Last night I played a few tourneys(since they had been good to me the night before) and this is how it went:

AQ vs AQ: lose to a flush
AQS vs 59: lose to a straight
KTs vs 87: lose to a boat

So I got mad...did a big no-no...decided to hit the limit tables and played WAY above my bankroll...sat down at the 5/10.

Here are the stats:

Total Hands: 48
VP$P: 14.58%
Saw Flop: 16.67%
Won $ When Saw Flop: 75.00%
Amount Won: $268.00
BB/100 hands: 55.83

I didn't want to leave the table, but I was getting tired and was afraid if I played any longer, I would give the money back.


PS: Part three: Krazydust post is on its way...busy gathering the details.


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