Saturday, June 10, 2006

High School Reunion, ITH free roll and Camp

Today I have a hodgepodge of stuff to usual!!

My 30 year High School Reunion is this weekend. Last night was the first get together. It was surreal to see faces from the past that conjured up old memories. It was nice that all the old High School "labels" were gone.

Nothing exciting to report...except I got a few laughs from the girls when I told them I had a poker tourney and couldn't attend the "girls" get together this afternoon. One comment...
That's what I always loved about you Becky. Your life has always been so interesting!!

The ITH freeroll tourneys for free WSOP seats are this weekend and I plan on doing my BEST. Competition is tough and I will probably get a good butt kicking, BUT ya never know!!

My #3 son is at The University of Texas Strength Camp and he hates it. He comes home today so I told him just to grin and bear it. It seems for "safety" reasons they won't let him lift the weights he is accustomed to lifting. He is very disappointed.

Since I brought up the subject, I guess its time to brag!

#3 is an AMAZING kid, as are #1,#2 and #4. They all are so very different.

#3 is going to be Junior in HS this year...but let me digress to the past.
Starting in 2nd grade he started putting on weight. Dispite my efforts to help him he had to wait until HE was ready to lose weight.

Starting 9th grade he was a short fat 280# kid. Very quiet and shy and VERY SMART! He began playing football and working out regularly. He lost down to #195 and was looking a littly puny. After football practice, he would go to the gym and work out for an hour or two. Now he is up to 240#, but its all muscle.

Anyway...they have a new coach at the school that is into powerlifting. As I recently discovered, powerlifting is now a UIL sport. So this past spring the coach tried to get the football players to compete. #3 had never had any "training" in the proper technique to lift (and believe me the sport is quite complicated!!) There were only two meets left in the season by the time #3 decided to give it a try. In fact the whole competition was really downplayed by my son.

First meet he gets disqualifed because he lifted his back up while bench pressing. Next (and last meet of the season) he calls me after the competition and tells me has to miss school on Monday. I asked why and he said..oh I have this little competition for weight seems I qualified for the next level.

WOOT!! WOOT! Yes my son, after only REALLY competing in one meet made it to regionals.

At regionals he made the top 5, which is pretty dam good...acutally it is AMAZING!

So his coach has all these "plans" for the next two years and...I quote: "Your son is gonna be a STATE Champion before he graudates from High School".

That just blows my mind because he was always the computer nerd, nonathelete.

So...back to the camp story. We decided to have him go to the UT camp so he could strut his stuff and maybe catch a few eyes, but the quality of the camp has changed in the past few years. It's primarily instructional..they have limits on what the kids can lift. So to my son, its a sissy camp!

OK..took a little break to pick him up at camp. He says it was a waste of time, however I personally saw the Big Shot Coach Madden taking pictures of #3 as he lifted weights. And I overheard him complimenting him. So...again he is downplaying the whole event. His shyness and humility drives me KRAZY!!

And this pizzes me off..#3 son said one of the kids at camp was trying to sell him steroids! Hopefully I have scared him with stories of shrinking testes and brain tumors that he will NEVER use them.

Well, gotta go..tourney time soon!



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