Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More KRAZY DUST stories..

You guys on ITH have no IDEA how the dust stories have uplifted my soul.

I have been in a funk…the grandkids are moving…and the stories about the POWER of the DUST just make me SMILE!!


It just makes me PROUD to know that I have touched your lives in a positive way.I have come to a “lightbulb” moment…the DUST is better when its SHARED.. and not used selfishly.

So on to some stories and these are really good…GREAT!!

Tanya Peck:
We met a few years ago online through a promotional tourney sponsered by True Poker and Nana. In fact that was the one and only time I met Matthew Hilger. He was there promoting his first book.

This story is absolutely true:

As Tanya recalls:
I was down to 1 $100 chip with 34 players left, proceeded to double up about 6 times in a ROW, then ended up taking it all down for first place.

Got a trophy and everything.

Mxrider has also been touched by the dust and in his own words:
I had been playing this silly game for about 3 years and had yet to take home an mtt first place finish. That is until this wonderful stuff called krazydust came upon me. I found myself in a $10 MTT on Party that had roughly 350 people in it and coming down to the final 3 tables I found myself in the chip lead. While on IRC, I got this strange overwhelming feeling come over me and I soon realized I had been sprinkled by krazydust. About an hour later, I had my first MTT win and $879 to show for a $10 investment. Acomplishment #1.

2 weeks later, I was up late doing some laundry to get my son ready for a school trip he was going on and I was on IRC chatting it up a bit and saw there was a $20 MTT on Absolute with a $4k guaranteed prize pool. 10 minutes prior to start, there were only 80 people registered so I decided to jump in. At start time, we had 197 runners which gave a small overlay. Needless to say, KT came through with the krazydust again and I took home my second first place MTT in a 2 week timeframe. I had to wash my hair 3 times to get the krazydust out.

Now, if that isn't enough, 4-5 days ago, I entered into a $4 180 man sng on stars. I had played probably 10-15 of these getting into the money 3 times but no final tables. Well KT happened to be on IRC this time and had the dust flying again. Long story short, another 1st place!

Unfortunately, 2 days ago, KT was not on IRC when I ended 2nd in a $1 rebuy on absolute and it is because I had not been dusted! SWEET..but there are more!!

And my friend the pig dog man...( this is my pet name for him)and it is meant to be very endearing.

Pig Pen so graciously shared this story:

I was looking for a $10 MTT to play when I saw that a $1000 GP was starting at CD Poker. I figured what the heck, the $5.00 buy-in has a $300.00+ pay-out for first which, if I can bag it, will boost the ol' bankroll a bit. Since I was bounced out of a $20 MTT in 46th earlier in the day (AQ loses to A5) moving down certainly didn't seem like a bad idea.

There were 227 players when the opening bell rang and we were off. Well, I started slow, really slow. Card dead city. It was five, six, and seven gappers hand after hand. What I played didn't hit and what I had folded wouldn't have hit anything either. I had picked up a few pots along the way to help ward off the blinds but it turned out that in the time it took to lose half the field I had played only two hands to showdown. But both hands won and it was enough to keep me just short of mid-pack.

I had been lurking in IRC when KT pops in and says howdy. Now I'm no stranger to KT's KrazyDust, I've seen it at work before and boy if there was ever a time I needed a boost it was now. "KT" I hollered, "I need some dust!". "You got it!" she says.

The very next hand I'm dealt KK and double-up. Two hands later it's A-Q and another big pot. Just one hand later and it's another big pot and I'm 6th in chips! So I'm beeboppin' along and it's down to 18 players. But after a big loss I'm 16th in chips . I'm dealt KQ and figure it's time to move. One pre-flop raiser and it folds to me. I reraise. He goes all-in. I figured him for a mid pocket pair, 8s, 9s or maybe 10s. Thought I was behind but maybe I could catch a flop with my two suspected overcards. "Yo, KT! Dust please!" "You've got the power!" she says. I shove my chips in. He had a pocket pair alright, but it was AA. Ooops. I ran right into that one. Then the flop hits........I've got nothin'. I'm toast, but wait a minute! KrazyDust sneers at your AA! HA! The turn is a king..........the river? Yep, it's another K! Woot! Now that may seem like a miracle runner-runner suckout to some but don't be fooled by such nonsense! It's simply a day in the life of the power of KrazyDust! And now I'm right back in it. So I bob, I weave, I duck......and then there were four.

I made it to heads-up with the chip lead, then I lost it, then I got back to even, was ahead, then behind and so it went for 20-25 minutes. But the Dust, the Dust never faltered. It was there, waiting to unleash it's mighty power at just the right time. And so it did. The full fury of KrazyDust was released on the poor unsuspecting fellow and he never stood a chance. It was over. I won the tourney and took home a nice prize of $306.45. Which is not my first MTT win, but it's my biggest single prize to date. And it couldn't have happened without the mighty, mysterious power of KrazyDust! Woot, woot, KT! Woot!

It has also helped:
bb88 win a pot limit Omaha
Autumn Harvest win $1500 net profits in one day in tourneys
Suited Jock place 195 in the Sunday Poker Million...

AND..Alcswab..make it to the FT in the Sunday Poker Million.
Fortunately for me I had a stake and made a HUGE profit.
Thanks alc!! is this just coincidence or do you BELIEVE!!

By the time the WSOP ME is in full swing...I will have stakes in three winners!!
Matthew Hilger, Ciaran and a soon to be named ITH Champ!!


Saturday, June 17, 2006


Let me give you guys a little history…so you will understand.

My #1 son, the first born, has always had a special place in my heart. I was in labor over 36 hours after being 2 weeks overdue. Had an emergency C-section..etc.

Anyway..he was my STAR athlete…and I mean that seriously.

In football he was the one who caught the winning pass to score a touchdown in the last 16 seconds of the game and pushed his team to a district win.

In baseball he hit more grandslams than I can count. In fact he walked on to the HS team without trying out (and that year they won state). Scouts galore were “watching” him.

Well..his junior year( after he made 2nd team all state in football with a broken collarbone) he found out about girls…and then the sports went down the tube.

Long story short..I was soon to be a very young grandma.

So he quit all sports and graduated HS by the skin of his teeth. They married and did the “right thing”.

Fast forward to 2006. He is now married several years..with 3 kids. His youngest, my angel, has Down’s Syndrome (but believe it that is a blessing and a future post) . He wakes up one day and thinks…DAM... I am gonna be 26 years old soon..and I have no career.

So..February 2006 he enlists in the Army ( in the middle of a war). He gets a great MOS…medical equipment repair..AKA the fixer of the MRI and CAT scans. And off to basics…

During basics…he mucks up his knee (torn ligament ) and breaks a rib. BUT…he is a trooper and graduates.

So Daughter-in-law and grand kids put their house up for bites until today.

THEIR HOUSE SOLD…so they are moving in 10 days. And thus the DEVASTATION!!

I knew this was coming..but everything is happening so fast..

Please pray for them and me…I need a shoulder to lean on…

KT (wiping tears from my eyes)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Do you like RAP Music??

Quite frankly I am not a fan, appears my #2 son has taken on being a rapper as his indeavor in I may have to make a huge adjustment. Life is weird...daughter-in-law Christian Music...son rap.

How do I decribe my #2 son...he his so complex. Lets say I should be bald from pulling out my hair...he has put me to the test as a mother.

#2 has always "colored outside the lines". He will push things to the edge..but knows where the edge is. Does that make sense?

I could (may some day write a book about all my boys), #2 would have many many chapters.

#2 ALWAYS tested off the scale in the smarts category. 6th grade...reading at 12th grade level...9th grade reading at college level...etc etc.

I remember in high school his history teacher called. "Mrs..D...I have good news and bad news.
Good News: #2 is one of the brightest kids I have ever taught..he should be in my honors class..and he just scored 2nd highest at the school in the state history exam.
Bad News: He flunked my class because his attendance was less than 50%.

My response..flunk him..he needs to learn responsibility.

Well, it appears he was writing music and rapping instead of going to class.
And...he wins money doing it. They have contests on 6th Street in Austin and he has only lost twice. Its called free-styling.

So he has a site on my space and you guys need to check it out...

He wrote and composed most of it. Had it mixed..all the tracks are his voice.
Since I know nothing ( and I mean nothing) about rap...I really don't know if it is great or aweful. But, "they say" its really really good.

So enjoy...and SOMEONE please...tell me what you think.


Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Drunken Post

I have to say...I had an abosolute blast tonight at my high school reunion..left in tears...

It was great to see everyone and of course they are all my NEW best friends.

It was so much fun..of course there were a few wannabe players there, but I ignored them and chatted with the rest.


I think I was the belle of the ball!!


High School Reunion, ITH free roll and Camp

Today I have a hodgepodge of stuff to usual!!

My 30 year High School Reunion is this weekend. Last night was the first get together. It was surreal to see faces from the past that conjured up old memories. It was nice that all the old High School "labels" were gone.

Nothing exciting to report...except I got a few laughs from the girls when I told them I had a poker tourney and couldn't attend the "girls" get together this afternoon. One comment...
That's what I always loved about you Becky. Your life has always been so interesting!!

The ITH freeroll tourneys for free WSOP seats are this weekend and I plan on doing my BEST. Competition is tough and I will probably get a good butt kicking, BUT ya never know!!

My #3 son is at The University of Texas Strength Camp and he hates it. He comes home today so I told him just to grin and bear it. It seems for "safety" reasons they won't let him lift the weights he is accustomed to lifting. He is very disappointed.

Since I brought up the subject, I guess its time to brag!

#3 is an AMAZING kid, as are #1,#2 and #4. They all are so very different.

#3 is going to be Junior in HS this year...but let me digress to the past.
Starting in 2nd grade he started putting on weight. Dispite my efforts to help him he had to wait until HE was ready to lose weight.

Starting 9th grade he was a short fat 280# kid. Very quiet and shy and VERY SMART! He began playing football and working out regularly. He lost down to #195 and was looking a littly puny. After football practice, he would go to the gym and work out for an hour or two. Now he is up to 240#, but its all muscle.

Anyway...they have a new coach at the school that is into powerlifting. As I recently discovered, powerlifting is now a UIL sport. So this past spring the coach tried to get the football players to compete. #3 had never had any "training" in the proper technique to lift (and believe me the sport is quite complicated!!) There were only two meets left in the season by the time #3 decided to give it a try. In fact the whole competition was really downplayed by my son.

First meet he gets disqualifed because he lifted his back up while bench pressing. Next (and last meet of the season) he calls me after the competition and tells me has to miss school on Monday. I asked why and he said..oh I have this little competition for weight seems I qualified for the next level.

WOOT!! WOOT! Yes my son, after only REALLY competing in one meet made it to regionals.

At regionals he made the top 5, which is pretty dam good...acutally it is AMAZING!

So his coach has all these "plans" for the next two years and...I quote: "Your son is gonna be a STATE Champion before he graudates from High School".

That just blows my mind because he was always the computer nerd, nonathelete.

So...back to the camp story. We decided to have him go to the UT camp so he could strut his stuff and maybe catch a few eyes, but the quality of the camp has changed in the past few years. It's primarily instructional..they have limits on what the kids can lift. So to my son, its a sissy camp!

OK..took a little break to pick him up at camp. He says it was a waste of time, however I personally saw the Big Shot Coach Madden taking pictures of #3 as he lifted weights. And I overheard him complimenting him. So...again he is downplaying the whole event. His shyness and humility drives me KRAZY!!

And this pizzes me off..#3 son said one of the kids at camp was trying to sell him steroids! Hopefully I have scared him with stories of shrinking testes and brain tumors that he will NEVER use them.

Well, gotta go..tourney time soon!


Friday, June 09, 2006


This could be a very long story, but I will cut to the chase.

My father died several years ago and it was not expected. We had to quickly get funeral plans together. When we were picking out the music my oldest son suggested that his wife be asked to sing at the funeral. I said OK and we went to pick out some music. I really didn’t know if she could sing well, but I thought it was awesome to have a family member perform.

We went to the Christian music store picked a few songs and then to the mall for her to practice and tape the music. (They have a mini-recording studio in the mall). They put the music on and….my jaw dropped…I almost hit the floor. Not only could she sing…but her voice was AMAZING!!

Anyway we have gone back to the mall several times and each time they pipe the music throughout the entire mall. A crowd always gathers, looking to see who the star is.

Last summer Elisha (DIL) competed in Christian Artist Talent Search. Many of you know about this because I have posted a little about it on ITH. They recorded the entire season in one week.

First Round: Breathe on Me
Second Round: The Awakening

She lost in the second round to group called HOPE.
The whole experience was so much fun…and very exciting.

On a side note: After the funeral I gave the taped recordings to a friend, who had a friend etc. Anyway the Grammy Award Winning song writer for Asleep at the Wheel, got a copy and contacted us. It seems he had “nothing to do” and it would be “fun” for him to make her a star. But, she was really young…and had 2 small children…and was a little overwhelmed at the she turned down the offer. That was a real BUMMER!!

But, now she is older and ready…so this maybe the beginning of the story!!

So if you have a friend that knows a friend…CONTACT ME!!


How quickly the Krazydust VERY BEST Friend Tater who does the
  • The Cap and Tater Show
  • is going to play Elisha's Music Tonight during a commercial break.

    Thank you Tater !!

    Wednesday, June 07, 2006

    The Mystical Power of the KRAZYDUST

    Krazydust has probably been around for centuries…created by the old Chinese apothecaries. Over the years…it has been enhanced and transformed.

    Mystically one day it appeared on IRC…

    I was fairly new to IRC and lurked for awhile before I took the plunge of becoming a REGULAR. One day Tall Paul…noticed that when I was around he seemed to win more. I became his lucky charm. I would visit his tables…spreading the luck.. .which was transformed to luckydust… and ultimately ending up as KRAZYDUST.

    Tall Paul tells me that it helped him go from 790 chips in the Stars Million to ITM and finishing 55th.

    Once the others noticed the trend, the lust for dust began. I think it was next given to Woodyman while playing in an ITH tourney…Monday Madness if I recall. Of course with the added power of the dust and his keen poking playing skills he won.

    Now some of you want to know exactly what it is and how it works. Hmm…it is magical…like 53os..but much more potent. I am not sure exactly how it works but it does.

    It has been used by many successfully, but you have to use it CORRECTLY. First of all BELIEVING in its magical powers is most important. Then you have to take the POWER and run with it.

    It has helped toronexi...too. A little quote: “I think krazydust allowed me to make that comeback in that $10 turney from 19k (blinds 10k/20k) to 1st”

    It was used by elmo to win a seat in the WSOP.. as seen here:
    I am now endorsing krazydust.

    BUT by far the most fantastic KRAZYDUST story is when Ciaran won a WSOP ME using FPP.
    I am still in AWE…over that accomplishment.

    In case you doubt the POWER of the Krazydust…just wait until Ciaran wins the ME. He has just graciously given me a $50 stake in the tourney!!
    Thank you to my new best friend.

    As I was placing the finishing touches on this post...the power of the dust struck again. I was chatting on IRC with bb88. He was trying to figure out where to play and was looking at O8, but was unsure. I told him that sometimes you have to follow wild hairs. Anyway...long story short…OF COURSE...he WON first place.

    Some of you may still doubt its powers…or do you BELIEVE??


    PS: If you are not a member of the ITH forum than this whole article will make no sense. So you must join ITH to fully comprehend the mystical magical Krazydust.

    Sunday, June 04, 2006


    Yes, 29 years ago today I took the big plunge. I thought in honor of my anniversary I would tell about how LUCKY I was to meet Mr. Right.

    I was in high school, my senior year. Each of the high schools had their own hangouts. I was bored with meeting up with all the guys I already knew, so I decided to check out the rival high school’s hangout. It was at Pizza Hut.

    Curtis went to the high school and was there with his big brother Kim. Kim was in the Army and was on leave for the weekend. Being the shy person that I am (NOT!!) I quickly started talking to him. It was love at first sight. He took me on a date the next night. A month later we were engaged. We married after knowing each other 13 months.

    It was a little freaky…since neither one of us had ever been to the hangout before. Also, we both were very young. But now its 29 years later…



    Saturday, June 03, 2006

    Just a little glimpse into my wicked sense of humor:


    Wow this blog has done wonders for my game...

    Last night I played a few tourneys(since they had been good to me the night before) and this is how it went:

    AQ vs AQ: lose to a flush
    AQS vs 59: lose to a straight
    KTs vs 87: lose to a boat

    So I got mad...did a big no-no...decided to hit the limit tables and played WAY above my bankroll...sat down at the 5/10.

    Here are the stats:

    Total Hands: 48
    VP$P: 14.58%
    Saw Flop: 16.67%
    Won $ When Saw Flop: 75.00%
    Amount Won: $268.00
    BB/100 hands: 55.83

    I didn't want to leave the table, but I was getting tired and was afraid if I played any longer, I would give the money back.


    PS: Part three: Krazydust post is on its way...busy gathering the details.

    Friday, June 02, 2006

    Poker Stars Blogger Tourney

    My Uncanny Women’s Intuition

    This is one of those stories that you will either believe or think I am FOS….

    I can’t recall EXACTLY when I noticed that I had an uncanny ability to know when some things were going to happen. Now I am no Nostradamus…but sometimes in my own realm of reality I would feel…hmmm…electricity in the air…and then I would just know.

    Initially this only happened while at work. In my past…I was an Obstetrician. When on call I would get “vibes”…and was right 90% of the time.

    Initially it started out as a joke. I would walk into labor and delivery…and say, “We are going to be BUSY tonight. You don’t have enough nurses on staff.” They would laugh and say sure, and appease me. But, lo and behold, a flood of patients would come it. This happened quite often. It got to the point that the manager of the unit would ask me my “prediction” for the night or weekend. I know it sounds kooky, but is the truth.

    Also, on numerous occasions I would get “the feeling” to call the hospital. If I had someone in labor, I would ask the nurse to do me a favor, appease me…and check on my patient because I think I need to come in. I was right EVERY time! It got to the point that when “that feeling” came, I just got in the car and drove over. REALLY WEIRD!!

    Then I started noticing that it would occasionally happen at home with family members.

    Two events come to mind.

    Michelle my niece was our babysitter for the summer. One day I got home at 6pm and it was time for her to leave. It was getting dark with thunderstorms predicted. I got “the feeling” that if she left something BAD was going to happen. It was an OVERWHELMING feeling. I pleaded and beg for her to stay until the storm passed. But, she had a hot date and insisted on leaving. An hour later, I called her at home…NO ANSWER…I called every 30 minutes until it was almost 10pm. Finally she answered the phone and I asked are you alright…hesitantly she said yes. I said I don’t believe you, tell me what happened. She was silent. “Well, she said, you were right. I should have listened to you.” She then went on to tell me how she hit deep water and her car slid off the road into a ditch. Fortunately she was OK, but the car was totaled.

    The other distinct memory I had was concerning my youngest son Blake. He was about 5 years old and had gone to the park with his oldest brother and his wife. Elisha (the wife, my DIL) was singing in a mini-concert for her church. They were having this mega picnic. I was at home and got the OVERWHELMING feeling that I needed to go to the park. I told hubby and he said I was crazy. I told him you go with me or I am going by myself. WE HAVE TO BOTH GO NOW!! Well, we arrived at the park as my DIL was running, carrying my son to the car to take him to the hospital. He had fallen off the monkey bars and had knocked the breath out of himself. He fortunately was OK too, but it was very scary for us all. Later I was asked how did I know to come, and I told them the story.

    Anyway, I now have RESPECT from my colleagues and work and my family. I no longer have to beg and plead, they just listen to me.

    I know this all sounds too weird to be true, but it is true. I have often thought is this just all a coincidence? But it has happened WAY too many times to believe I could “guess” it correctly. As I have gotten older, I have started thinking that maybe that a higher power, the man upstairs is sending me the messages. post the mystical magical KRAZYDUST...


    Good Mornining...I am currently finishing the next piece in my three part series, but I had to share about how much fun I had last night playing poker and chatting on IRC.

    I guess writing the about my Lucky Genes gave me luck!

    I signed up for a 10+1 DS to the Poker Star Million on Sunday. The first table was tough and I quickly found myself close to last place but I hung in there and ended up battling with the top two. Long story short I ended up HU and fighting to win. I kept getting the chip lead and then would lose a huge hand. The hand that almost did me in was when I had AK and he had Qx..lost the lead. But, I am a fighter and battled back to win that round.

    The second round had 8 players: 3-8 got $35 and the top two a seat to the Million on Sunday. Again it was down to three. I made a HUGE mistake and overplayed my cards. I thought I had totaly screwed myself. It was embarrassing because I had a bunch of railbirds from ITH via IRC. So I dug in and fought back.

    And...drum roll.. I now am a proud owner of a seat in the Million on Sunday!!

    Sunday is my wedding anniversary and WHEN I win big, I am going to let hubby go on a shopping spree at Fry's Electronics. Wish me luck!!

    While playing the shootout, and chatting on IRC, I signed up on the PS $3 MTT. There were 1433 entrants. Before I knew it I was ITM. At one point I was 8/44. But, I think I got tired and lost my concentration. Ended up 16th out 1433. Not a big payout, but happy that I hung in through a fairly big field.

    Anyway the night was awesome! I had more fun on $25 than I have with betting more money. I think I am gonna stick to the lower buyins for awhile.

    WHEN I finally learn to play poker correctly. I mean being able to think at a deeper level, I am going to win some really BIG BIG bucks. I just know its going to happen, just don't know when.

    OK off to finish part two: My Uncanny Women's Intution.