Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Where you born with the LUCKY Gene?

You guys might think I am krazy..cause I am….BUT, I truly believe some of us are born lucky and it is genetic.

My maternal grandfather was BORN lucky. He loved poker and played home games all the time. He would win big stuff…like the antique dining room table. Now this is a huge hand carved table (seats at least 12) with matching chairs and a huge china holding cabinet thing-a-ma-gig. By my estimate worth over 30K.

Anyway, I realized that I had the lucky gene one night in Tahoe. I was playing Pai Gow Poker and had $25 left for my daily budget. I placed $20 on the hand and $ 5 on the progressive bonus. The table was full and everyone was playing the bonus.

Sitting in seat #1..on my first hand…I took a quick glance at my cards…all red…all hearts. Wow I thought…definitely have a flush, maybe I can squeak out a straight flush ( it pays extra with bonus). I pick up the cards and squeeze them one by one by one…HOLY SHIT…HOLY SHIT…. My hands started shaking. I immediately placed my cards on the table. ( I have heard horror stories about people lifting there cards off the table and getting their hands cancelled). I took a BIG swig of my drink (gin and tonic) and told the dealer to please set my hand. I asked him to be sure I had what I thought I had.

One by one he looks at the cards and says …Lady you have a 7 card straight flush…
3-9..and it is a natural. He then told me he had NEVER dealt that hand in 30 years of dealing Pai-Gow. I started screaming and screaming and drinking and drinking. I tried to figure out what it paid….hummm…8000 to 1 on the progressive bonus.

I won $40,000 dollars…AND everyone at the table won $5,000. I suddenly had 6 or 7 (I can’t remember) BEST new friends.

It took FOREVER for them to run the tape and verify and pay. During that time…I was drinking and laughing. The pit boss head lady came over and asked what she could do for me. I said CALL my hubby he is up in the room with the kids and I need him NOW. She got me a phone and I said, “ Honey I need you to come down RIGHT now to the casino…I just WON a nice little bonus.”

He arrived with our young toddler in his arms and a wild look in his eyes. Once I told him how much I had won he thought I was lying. Since the baby couldn’t stay in the casino and it was taking FOREVER for them to verify and pay he went back up to the room.

I finally got paid…but then it was “PRESENTATION TIME”. They brought out a big fake check and took pictures etc. It seems that my pic was gonna be in the HALL OF FAME wall for the next year. ( A funny side note: earlier that day I took the kids to the arcade. On the way we passed the HALL OF FAME wall and they asked me what those pictures were there for. I told them and we joked about me someday being on the wall.)

Ok back to the story:

The guy in charge of the pictures said I have a silly question to ask. He said he asks all the BIG winners the same question…..”Did you consider yourself a lucky person prior to winning this money?” I immediately said…YES…I am always LUCKY!! “Hmmm”, he said…” that is what almost everyone says”.

THAT IS WHEN I KNEW I HAD THE LUCKY GENE…it all came together at that time. All my life’s luck meant sense. And do you know what my first thought was when I won…? I thought this is just the beginning…I am gonna WIN something much bigger some day.

Once the money was dispersed…I got 5K in cash, the rest in a check. I had security escort me to my room. I laid on the bed and covered me and the kids in 100 dollar bills…we threw the money up in the air…FUN TIMES!! And the kids each got 50 bucks to play in the arcade, so I became their new HERO!!

The beauty to all this is…..I had been miserable at work. Trapped working with a BUNCH of men who were azzes. Long, long story. I needed money to leave and here it was!! GOD works miracles at casinos too. Anyway..that money helped my launch my own practice and I have been very successful.

Wow..this post is getting long…

I have more lucky stories to tell, but they pale in comparison.

The first time I remember being lucky was in the 6th grade. Every year they had a school carnival with a door prize. That year the GRAND prize was a 1969 autographed football signed by all the team players….of…the University of Texas National Champs (see Yes…I won it! It was a beauty!!

A few years later my bratty younger brother wanted to go play football with his friends…it was raining…I was not home…so he took the football and ruined it in the rain. He is so LUCKY that I didn’t kill him. Later on he tried to make it up to me and gave me an autographed football when the Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl. It wasn’t the same, but you can’t hate someone forever.

Other than that…let me think…I won $1200 in slots with my last 5 bucks…won a trip to Hawaii (given out by a restaurant..but I couldn’t take the trip because I was not 18 years old …didn’t read the details)..a shopping spree at the mall and various other door prizes at other events.

Well that about sums up my lucky gene theory!

BTW…I have decided to make this a three part series.

Part one: The Lucky Gene
Part two: My Uncanny Women’s Intuition
Part three: The Krazydust




At 1:13 PM, Blogger Bullajami said...

Welcome to the blogoshere, Krazy. I'll try not to hate you because you're lucky. I definitely am not!

At 6:35 AM, Blogger "The Rake" said...

Can't wait to read the next two.


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